4/3/12- at the Holyoke Preschool

We met again at the Holyoke preschool, and heard about everyone’s plans for the next few weeks. Megan is ready to buy some material for building, and several students are ready to buy low cost (under $50.) toys for the equipment reviews. Up till now, students have looked online and in catalogs at equipment, but now we will have real live toys to use and observe with kids. Before we can bring them into the preschools, there’s still the complicating issue of the new permission slips required by Smith and Springfield College. Once we can get the families signed on, we can have the students working directly with the pre-schoolers, and move beyond observing to participating!!

Elissa took more video of the exercise groups at the Holyoke preschool, and I’m thrilled to finally have those activities “captured” in a way we can share them. Once those permission slips are signed, we can post them on the website. Watching kids play and laugh and have fun is the best way to show what kids need…

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