Bucket Stilts

Bucket Stilts are not a new concept but it is an idea that we did recreate. The simple upside down buckets can help children with balance and coordination. They are also just lots of fun to try and walk on. Plus they make you taller!


2 one quart plastic buckets (strong enough to stand on)

4 eyehooks

Camp rope

3/16” Polypropylene diamond braid ropeTop of Form

Two 1 ½” blocks of wood that is big enough to be cut to fit in the bottom of a bucket



  1. Remove the handles from both of the buckets.

2. Measure the inside diameter of the buckets. Cut both blocks of wood into circles with the same diameter as the inside diameter of the buckets.

3. Mark where you would like to place the eyehooks on the side of each of the buckets. The eyehooks should be placed at the bottom of the bracket and they should be placed directly across from each other. Make sure that they will be placed high enough that they will be going through the wood blocks, which they will be screwed into.

4. Mark the location of the eyehooks on the circles that you cut out of wood. The location on the wood and the buckets should match up.

5. Drill the holes in the wood and buckets for the eyehooks

6. Screw the eyehooks into the wood and buckets.

7. Measure a length of rope that will be long enough to tie to the eyehooks and long enough for the children to hold the bucket stilt hand without stooping.

8. Attach the rope handle to both of the eyehooks using a figure 8 follow through knot.

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