Ball Stomps

How to Make a Ball Stomp                    Watch Videos


4’ x 8” sheet of ½” furniture grade plywood

Standard handrail



21” Tarp Strap

Drywall screws

Table saw



  1. Cut the handrail into 8” long pieces.
  2. Cut the sheet of plywood into 28” x 8” wide pieces of wood.
  1. Sand each of the pieces of wood. Make sure that all of the corners and sharp edges are sanded so that they are rounded.
  2.  Screw the handrail 8” away from the edge of the ball stomp platform.
  3. (The red points on the top of the ball stomp show where the screws that attach the handrail to the ball stomp platform). Countersink the hole for the screws so that the head of the screws are not sticking up.
  4. Bottom of ball stomp:
  5. Top of ball Stomp:
  6. Paint and seal all of the pieces of wood to protect the ball stomp from weathering. Make sure you use non-toxic paint and sealer since children will be playing with the ball stomps.
  7. Remove the “S” hooks from the tarp straps. Attach the tarp straps to the ball stomp by screwing the drywall screws through the hole on the tarp straps and into the board. The ends of the straps should be wide enough to hold a playground-sized ball

NOTE: To reduce the noise from the ball stomp hitting the ground, you can add a small piece of felt to the bottom of each end of the ball stomp.

How children can use this?

One at a time would be best but it may be fun to take turns with a partner.

What size ball can you use?

We created these ball stomps to hold anything from tennis balls to playground sized balls. We have found that you can put almost anything in it (bean bags, stuffed animals) and try to catch them. Some objects may work better than others. Have fun trying them out!

How to use it?

Place a ball in the bowl. Stand on the opposite side from the ball and stomp your foot hard. You will see the ball launch into the air and you will then try to catch this.

Are there any other ways that I can use this?

One way to use this could be in an obstacle course. It is a nice quick activity that children can do themselves as they move through the course.

Also, if you have more than one of these you could create a line and have each child stomp on it one after the other to make cool effects. Allow the children to play around with this to see who is going to stomp when. They will love being able to decide how they want their activity to go.

How dangerous is this?

  • This really isn’t dangerous at all. There is always a risk for someone to get hurt. Here are some of the ways that this may happen but there may be others that only certain children could find.
  • A child could pinch his/her fingers from the board either dropping on their hand or when it is stomped on. Instruct children to keep their fingers out from underneath the board to avoid this.
  • A child could potential pick this up and throw it or swing it to hit another child. This is not that likely to occur but it may be worth a small reminder if you see children using this incorrectly.
  • Since this is slightly elevated of the ground it is possible for a child to trip over it. Encourage children to be alert when around the ball stomps.
  • Since we are launching balls into the air, it is possible that a few of them are going to fly out of control in the room. Another child in the area may be bumped on the head by one but it the ball should not be traveling too fast. Tell children who are using this to be careful when they are launching the ball to make sure that they are the ones who are going to be able to catch it.

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