Portfolio of early design work

Playground built in 1975- Bronx, NY

Chair designed for a specific individual- seat height, depth-1977

Book reading device for reading text books in bed – 1976

Mrs Vester’s corner cabinet- 1978

Musician’s rocker-1978

Working as Adaptive Equipment Designer- 1980-1992

Poor sitting posture in classroom chair-1984

Classroom chair with adapted seat- 1984

Sitting in positioner chair-1985

Getting up from positioner chair- 1985

Positioner Chair-1986

stand up stool- 1990

Stand up stool- 1990

Positioner Desk-1986

Positioner Desk at home- 1986

Positioner Desk with arm/ leg exerciser-1987

leg exerciser with Fisher Price Roller skates – 1987

arm exerciser- 1987

Battery powered vehicle with joystick control-1991

With added adaptive seat- 1991