This website is devoted to the playscape project, but I have opted to link my musical interests as well.


We are pleased to be playing at  30 Boltwood Restaurant (formerly The Lord Jeffrey Inn)  on the Amherst Common 

Thursday March 7th  2019  7-10 pm

Thursday April 11th 2019. 7-10 pm 

These are duo gigs, and will include a mix of jazz and blues standards and originals.


Music has been a silent part of the playscape project right from the start. The early funding used for the materials and toys we purchased in 2011 and 2012 were all from funds donated from my music earnings during that time- which is not not to say I earn all that much as a musician, but the money donated always seems like it counts for more when it’s given to a good cause. Music has been part of my life as long as working with young kids and trying to design and build things… it all came out of the same time in my life, and it’s all still connected…

The music I play is a mix of songs and genres that have drawn me in since I started to play guitar at age 15. I have been lucky to get a chance to play and collaborate with many fine musicians, and I’ve recorded in recent years as Sad Song Radio- a trio (with Ted Ellenhorn on guitar and Ed Brainerd on trumpet). Sad Song Radio was released in 2009, and Sad Song Radio 2 in 2010. I recorded a CD of duos in 2012 with George Menousek, a wonderful local jazz pianist. Almost Alone is my first solo effort,  with just one guitar and vocals, and was completed in July 2014.

Here’s a link to our first UTube video, completed for the NPR “Tiny Desk Concert ” contest in January 2015. Helen made the video- thanks, my dear!!


Almost Alone 2014- Tom Murphy



Sad Song Radio 2- Tom Murphy and Ted Ellenhorn


Sad Song Radio- Tom Murphy and Ted Ellenhorn


You can hear Sad Song Radio online at;

You can hear George on piano with me on acoustic bass online at;

Almost Alone is now available to download or on CD.  All money raised from the sale of the CD will be donated to the playscape project. Find it online at;

There is more information on Sad Song Radio through the link below, to a cover story in Prime Magazine;

I have also played bass and sung for over 25 years with Kirby Farrell on piano as The Jazz Daddies– also with Ed Brainerd on trumpet. We have played at the Paradise City Arts Festival, the Harvard University Faculty Club and a long list of clubs, restaurants and events all over New England.


Jazz Daddies-
Kirby Farrell-piano
Ed Brainerd-trumpet
Tom Murphy-bass, vocals

Special thanks to Mike Parham and Helen Murphy for helping set up the music site on band camp

We also raised more than $1400. for the Playscape Project in a house concert held on Saturday October 20th 2012. The event was hosted by Charlie Parham and Roxanne Schneider in Amherst, with upwards of 40 guests. I want to express my gratitude to Charlie and Roxanne, as well as to the musicians. Ted Ellenhorn on guitar and Ed Brainerd on trumpet joined me for a set of folk and blues from the Sad Song Radio songbook. Josh Bogin joined us on guitar and vocals. The second jazz set featured Kirby Farrell on piano and Ed Brainerd on trumpet. What a warm and wonderful home for music!!



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