3/27/12- at the Holyoke Preschool

We met at the Holyoke preschool today, and this was the largest group of students so far; we were glad to see Wambui Kabochi from last semester, and we have added Elissa Maruca, who was part of the management class from Springfield College last semester that helped with the research page. Elissa is now my student intern for the next three months, and will be able to join the class and the project as part of her internship. The class is working on building the student page of the website, which is now up for viewing. Kristin is organizing the student page, but also helping each student post on their own on the student blog. Each student is working on different projects, and I’m hoping the website will soon show more of the work that is taking place.

Elissa used her iPad for some video of the children during a play group at preschool today, and the video quality looks great! Our next challenge is to get the new Smith College and Springfield College permission forms signed by the children’s families so we can edit and post some video on the website. The permission slips also explain how we are hoping to share new equipment designs once they are ready for trial.

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