4/10/12- at Holyoke Preschool

Today we met as a group and began the process of gathering the new permission forms that need to be signed by parents. This is the “internal review board” (IRB) permission form generated by Smith and Springfield College, and will give us permission to bring new equipment designs into each center. It also gives us permission to take video of the play activities, and post some on the website as a means of sharing what we have learned.

Our session with the preschoolers was different today. We brought in a few “ball stomps” and also two “spooner boards”. We put the equipment out in the playroom and watched the children explore. The spooner boards were purchased with Bogin playscape funds, and students will complete an equipment review as they observe how children use them. Each student has the opportunity to research and explore low cost toys (under ($50.) and purchase a piece of equipment for the project. We spent time last semester looking in catalogs and at websites for equipment reviews, but there’s no substitute for having the equipment in your hands when you are trying to see if it works! The spooner boards were fun, and look like they are pretty indestructible- we will post video and reviews when completed.

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