2/28/12- Holyoke Preschool

We met today at the Holyoke preschool and talked about what everyone is working on this semester. The class is more split up, and we don’t have the full group in one place for each class. This makes it more challenging to make sure everyone is communicating. The student page on the website is set for launching soon, and will bring a different voice to the information we present. It’s certainly true that the more information is up on the website, the more it needs to be organized so that it is not just an avalanche of text that spills out when someone enters and looks around…Kristin had the smart idea to have a “Main Page” that is the entry point, rather than having everyone enter on the blog page that varies from week to week. This made me realize that we needed a summary of the project to be the starting point, so I worked today to revise that statement.

We also saw two groups of children from the Holyoke preschool, and there was even the first try of some video footage of a small activity/ exercise group. We aren’t yet able to post video on the site until we get an additional consent form approved, but at least we are starting!!

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