2/21/12- Children’s House

Today we met at Children’s House and spent time discussing how each student was getting started and working on different aspects of the project. I realize that it’s time for the students to have more of an active role on the website, and it also could help insure we keep hold of the information we are gathering.

So each student will now start to put their work on the website, and we will try to organize the information better once we get a sense of what is there. I wanted to make sure we get started on this right away, before there’s too much to trace back, and we lose the effort already expended.

Each week is also spent with running small groups for games and exercise. We have now seen the kids at Children’s House three weeks in a row, so there is more of a sense of familiarity for the students as they watch this group of pre-schoolers. Already they can see how several of the children are gaining skills as they practice the games and activities.

Ellen Rainville has taken over the process of getting the internal Review Boards (IRB) from each college to approve our work. This involves a process of getting informed consent from the parents of the children we will be working with. We especially need permission to film and document our work, as well as make sure families are aware of what we are doing when we start to bring new ideas and equipment we have designed to share and try out. I am so grateful to Ellen for taking this on, knowing how busy she is with her other teaching duties.

Thanks Ellen, and thanks also to Megan and Kristin who helped get the IRB process started.

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