2/14/12- back in Holyoke

We split the morning again between Children’s House and the Holyoke preschool. This is an opportunity for students to observe some of the pre-schoolers several weeks in a row; my hope is that we can start to see how some of the children’s skills shift and improve as they practice these simple games and exercises. We also hope to start to do some video footage at the Holyoke preschool before long- they have a wonderful space where there’s enough room for a camera to get a view of the action.

As students are starting to work on their individual plans for this semester, I want to find a way to preserve and record what they are exploring. This website has been authored by a single person up to this point, and I look forward to a page where students share what they have learned. I hope the website can become a more helpful resource to others who are looking for ideas to help with their pre-schoolers. We will be working on this in the next few weeks!!

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