3/6/12- Children’s House

We are a small group this week; several students are working on their own, so today there was just myself, Kristin and Barbara at Children’s House. It’s harder to keep a sense of the group when we are not meeting together each week, but the class time is the only time for some of the other site visits and shop time to happen. We also have the alternating schedules of the two colleges, with different weeks for Spring Break, so we won’t actually meet together as a class again till the end of March.

This week there is the appearance of the “Student Page” on the website, which I’m very glad to see. As more and more of the student work gets posted, it should give a whole new view of this project and what we are learning and exploring.

I saw several groups of kids for exercise/ activity groups today, and then met briefly with Deb McLaughlin from Children’s House to discuss the project and what we are doing…Deb has been a wonderful support for us all along, as well as Sarah and all the teachers at Children’s House.

I’m also trying to re-write some of the early pages we posted on the site, taking into account how things have evolved thus far, and trying to consolidate and avoid some of the pages that repeated the same information. It’s work to keep things current!!

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