December 9th- ball stomps!!

We met at Springfield College today, to receive the presentation from the OT management class (they have been responsible for the new research page on the website).  The presentation was intended to be a “business plan” for the playscape project, and included much more than just the research articles that are on the site.  I am grateful for all the hard work that went into the presentation, and it will certainly be helpful as we start to search for grants to have such an impressive presentation notebook describing the project. The four students who contributed to the project as part of the OT management class are;

Brittany Atwood

Steven Flathers

Elissa Maruca

Annette VanderStaay

And a special thanks to Elissa, who also volunteered to paint and finish a “ball stomp”, with a wonderful animal theme.

This was also the date we set to look at the final versions of the ball stomps, and try them out with a few different sized balls, to see how all the ball holder solutions stand up to real play. This will be the first equipment that kids will use, so we need to make sure all the details regarding safety are looked at closely.  A few of the ball holder designs may need parts replaced, but the solutions everyone came up with show a great variety of possibilities,  using inexpensive materials.

We also shared the exercise book activities,  and went over final versions from each student. These will be gathered into a notebook for Nonotuck next week. We will also have a few ball stomps to pass out!!

We finally have some pictures!! Ball stomps in action… 

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