12/2/11- first drafts of projects

We met at the Children’s museum today, and got started with the “movement activity book”  project. Each student is choosing five different exercise/ activities; two from the “Growing an In Sync child” book and three of their own ideas. The Carol Kranowitz book is a real treasure, and  it gives a template we can use to describe the activities and what motor skills are involved with each exercise.  There’s still a few weeks left, and we hope to be able to present these activities to at least one of the pre-schools and start to get some feedback. We also discussed the whole semester, and how we are just beginning with this project, and that we will need to re-think and re-work these activity books before we can post and share them… The “ball stomps” are also getting ready for kids to try out, and we will have something tangible to put out into the world and watch how kids respond!

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