December 16th- at Nonotuck

Today was our final class for the semester, and we met at Nonotuck with Julie Guazzo to hand over the exercise and activity notebook the students have been working to complete. Each student got a chance to describe a few of the activities they devised, and the binder included 5 activities from each student.  Nonotuck will try these out over the next month or so, and we will be back in January to follow up.

This was also our chance to give out out first “ball stomps” to be used by real live kids!!  Julie picked out two from the 10 that were completed, and we await feedback on how they work!! We are  also looking forward to pictures or short video clips for use on the website. Stay tuned!!

Other important news;  Finally we have video up on the website!!!

The September 23rd panel discussion is now available for anyone who is interested in motor development among infants and pre-school children. I am especially pleased and proud to be able to share the knowledge from these local clinicians with a wider world. Please view and send comments!!


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