Featured in the Hampshire Gazette

The Daily Hampshire Gazette did a fine job in their Nov 13th front page story about the Playscape Project.

Here’s a link to the story:


I was especially pleased that they were able to include several nice photos of a child and mother using the playscape. It has always been a challenge to get permission to post photos of children on the website, so I am grateful the Gazette managed to make it happen. Thanks to Scott Merzbach and Carol Lollis at the Gazette! Thanks also to Ayaka Negishi for allowing us to post pictures of her son playing!

Toma Negishi, age 2, plays on the play structure at Northampton REACH center
Ayaki Negishi and Toma on the swing
swinging on the swing
climbing up the ramp
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2 Responses to Featured in the Hampshire Gazette

  1. Tamara Weinstein says:

    Congratulations Tom both on the coverage and on the gorgeous playscape you built and donated. Nancy is kvelling!

    (As am I.)

    All my love Tammy


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