Playground Dedication- The Care Center, Holyoke MA


Playground Dedication

We gathered at the Care Center in Holyoke for a short ceremony to dedicate the new playground on Tuesday September 29th. We chose a morning time so that we could see children playing, and it was wonderful to watch!! We had a good crowd of pediatric therapists Christine has mentored over the years, as well as several parents of children Christine worked with, and other friends and connections. Special thanks to Carlos Santiago, who attended and also made a generous donation to the playground project in Christine’s honor.

What follows is the dedication “proclamation” that now hangs in the room where the children play.


Christine’s Playground                                September 2015

This playground for The Care Center was built to honor Christine Sharkey, and her long career as a pediatric physical therapist at Cooley Dickinson Hospital. Every hospital, school or strong community organization has special people who form the heart and soul of the place, and Christine has played that role for Cooley Dickinson. While she has never sought attention for herself, and consciously avoids the spotlight, she has been an inspiration and mentor for so many others who have worked with children in rehabilitation.  Those of us who have been around her understand how important a role she has played over so many years. Christine’s work has stood as an example for every positive value a community hospital tries to uphold.  She is a collaborator, a listener, and holds onto the joy that comes to those of us lucky enough to work with children every day. I am proud to have worked with her, and I hope her spirit and energy is reflected in the opportunity for fun and playful exploration this playground provides for the children.

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