Update- House Concert raises more than $1200.

The House Concert on Saturday October 20th raised more than $1200., with additional donations still arriving.

The event was hosted by Charlie Parham and Roxanne Schneider in Amherst, with upwards of 40 guests. I want to express my gratitude to Charlie and Roxanne, as well as to the musicians. Ted Ellenhorn on guitar and Ed Brainerd on trumpet joined me for a set of folk and blues from the Sad Song Radio songbook. Josh Bogin joined us on guitar and vocals. The second jazz set featured Kirby Farrell on piano and Ed Brainerd on trumpet. What a warm and wonderful home for music!!

I also want to thank my daughter Emma for her incredible desserts, and special thanks to Nan for all her help and support, and those wonderful tamales!! My daughter Helen also contributed all the way from California by sending a gorgeous drawing from which we made cards to sell, and a beautiful postcard party invitation.

I also need to thank Brian Gulick for help in making the last minute video that allowed me to show everyone what the “play-cube” looks like, and especially for his efforts in transferring it onto a DVD, so we can get it posted on the website. As with everything technical, there are always complications, but I look forward to getting the video up on the site soon, and will be looking for feedback.

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