4/24/12- Holyoke Preschool

The class met at the Holyoke preschool, and we started with a meeting to discuss the end of the semester; I was a bit surprised to find that next week (May 1st) is the last class date, as I thought classes lasted longer into May… but next week is it!

We had another unstructured session where we took out the toys and let the kids have at it. The indoor play room at the preschool is big enough that there was room for each child to have a ball stomp (so we could try a “group stomp”) and we also had the Pogo jumpers and spooner boards out. The kids had fun, and it was great to watch them learn how to pogo jump or slide themselves across the room on the spooner boards with just a little practice. We captured a lot of the play session on video, and once we get all the parent permissions signed, we will post it for viewing. The teachers seemed especially excited about the pogo jumpers; it’s a great find as a low cost ($15.) activity toy that really gives a work out!!

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