January 20th- staff meeting at Nonotuck

I spoke at the monthly Nonotuck staff meeting today, and was looking for feedback on how the ball stomps are doing, and for a response to the exercise books we left last month. I also wanted to spend some time going over the overall goals of the project, and wanted to hear more about what the teachers were looking for as we move forward.

Nonotuck is a center that already does a tremendous job offering opportunities for kids to move and play both indoors and outdoors. I am grateful to have them part of the project, though I don’t think they need our help as much as some of the other centers… they offer a wonderful opportunity for the students from Smith and Springfield College to see how opportunities for play can vary just in the local area where we live. Nonotuck is a parent cooperative, and the openness and creativity is evident and reflects the values those families bring to the center.

Staff had some great suggestions for projects; there’s a request for a simple “teeter totter” that may be a great starting project for one of the students. There was also a request to scale down the ball stomps so that some of the younger and smaller children can use it…and interest in the “group stomp” idea that would combine 2 or 3 ball stomps to make it a group activity. There was also interest in a collapsible climbing wall for the younger kids, as well as more climbing opportunities in general; these climbing projects are more risky in terms of safety, but worth exploring.

The students will return at the end of January and we will get started!!

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