11/11- ball stomps (continued)

We were back at the Children’s museum today, where we saw the different designs and decorations used for the ball stomps. I love how each one was totally different,  and the decorations make the ball stomps more inviting with bright colors and even a story book alligator!  The solutions for the ball holders were interesting, using sticks wrapped in tape, bottle tops and found materials-  keeping costs low, and even adding a nice “recycle” theme.  There’s more work to be done yet before we can send these out for kids to play on,  and we also had a good discussion about what it means to send something out into the world… Is it as safe as we can make it??  Will it stand up to kids who may not always play with it as we intended??

We talked about some options for how to connect the ball stomps to make a group activity. The assignment for next week is for each student to design a method to connect more than one ball stomp so they can be played  with together- and that allows them to be used either individually or placed in the holder by the kids to make the group arrangement. 






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