10/21- initial proposals for Nonotuck

10/21/11- Holyoke Children’s museum

Today was the first opportunity for each student to propose how we could best offer help to the Nonotuck pre-school as they try to modify the large “community room” to encourage more gross motor play.   There were some great ideas, starting with changes in the set up of the community room,  taking out some of the toys and activites that are duplicated in the classrooms. This would likely help make the focus more on exercise and gross motor play.  There were also lots of ideas for ball games, setting up targets and baskets on one wall, making some “ball stomps” ( a simple design we can easily duplicate)  and options for connecting the ball stomps to make  it more of a cooperative small group activity.  Other ideas for  a  low height rope climber, multi basket basket ball hoop and changes to the floor and  wall surfaces were also proposed, as low cost methods of  adding ideas for games and focused play.

This coming week the students  will work to combine the 5 different proposals into a single document we can present to Julie Guazzo at Nonotuck on 10/28/11.  Here’s to on-line editing!!!

Tom Murphy

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