9/30/11 class at Holyoke Children’s Museum

This was a wonderful day for me; I got to sit back and observe as students made up games and motor activities using simple props and toys from my traveling toy bag- It was thrilling to see the toys and games they came up with… and so great to hear laughter and giggling, as they played at being three and four years old.

I had wanted to stop doing most of the talking, and get the students more involved in the process and with each other. We mixed up the small groups and kept a list and description of all the ideas that came out. I was so impressed!!

Aside from the fun and laughs, there were some great ideas – and it seemed to open up a whole other path for how we can get started in the centers where we see kids.  We want to document the games that the students made up, and  it made it clear how little equipment is really needed  when the urge to be creative is strong. We will be meeting the kids, teachers and families at Nonotuck Community Pre-school in Florence MA next week, and I could see a games group starting up to share these ideas, maybe a workbook or posters to keep track of  how to set up and play the games. Serious fun…


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1 Response to 9/30/11 class at Holyoke Children’s Museum

  1. Scott Markham says:

    Hi Tom. It was great to see you at St. Paul’s. What great ideas! As I was listening to you speak and day dreaming about grant writing and evaluation design in my head played the Cat Stevens’ song where do all the children play. I can’t wait to see some of the play-things. Best. Scott Markham

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