Local Playgrounds in Springfield

A lot of my time this week was spent looking at playgrounds around Springfield and looking for some gross motor pieces of equipment around. In Springfield, the majority of the playgrounds, or “playgrounds”, are plastic, and have many things that incorporate using the entire body. But we never saw a child on them. It may have been the time that we went to see the playgrounds, but they didn’t look like they were that worn. Other places had a few pieces of equipment made of either metal or plastic, but I don’t think you could technically call them a playground. The equipment was placed in a setting that didn’t seem safe, and wouldn’t be stimulating for a child at all. There was one playground that looked like exactly what we’re trying to accomplish with this program. This playground is located at our Children’s Center at Springfield College on East Campus. This playground is made of wood and ropes. When I went there earlier this year the teachers said that the kids love to play on this playground. It really is nothing too fancy or extravagant. There are things like a wood bridge from one tree to another, wooden beams from one tree to another, and even a wire-like tight rope, with ropes on the side for balance from tree to tree.

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