My first memories of play, outside of school, were when all of the neighborhood kids would get together in our street and do whatever we wanted. We would ride our bikes, play basketball, jump rope, or come up with our own game. The parents would be in their own group talking, not really paying attention to what we were doing. We were pretty much allowed to go anywhere within the neighborhood as long as our parents knew where we were going.

Another memory I have is with my brother and sisters. We found a vine attached to a tree in our backyard. We would all take turns swinging from it. At one point my parents even came out and joined us. Unfortunately, after a while the vine did end up breaking on us. But we were all alright.

In school I remember my favorite thing to do was either jump rope or play on the swings. There would be huge groups of kids jump roping together coming up with new songs to jump to. We also would play games on the swings, like who could swing the highest, jump the furthest, spin while swinging, and we would swing on our bellies. We never really got bored with anything because we could always put our imaginations together to create something new.

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