Panel Discussion on Child Development



It has taken some time to get this online, but finally there is a link to the panel discussion that took place back in September. This was an in-depth discussion on the trends in motor development from the view of local clinicians. These include;

Arlene Spooner- a physical therapist with extensive experience working with infants and young children through her work in early intervention.

Dr Scott Cochrane- a  pediatrician in Holyoke, and former physical therapist

Nancy Milch- an occupational therapist who works in the Holyoke Schools, and has pursued research comparing motor development among children from Holyoke and rural Nicaragua.

Tom Murphy- pediatric occupational therapist and founder of the Bogin Playscape Project

The attached links will send you to the whole panel discussion  (this required dividing up the discussion into four segments for You Tube). The information on infant development in particular,  with discussion of the impact of the “back to sleep” movement for infants, is extremely important and well worth the time for anyone interested in motor development in pre-school children. I am pleased and proud to have finally found a way to share the knowledge and experience of these local experts as part of our website!!! I want to thank the panelists for allowing us to put this on the website, and I need to offer deep thanks to Michael Tauscher and Natasha Goncharova for technical help in getting the links up and working.

*All you tube videos are available with captions, once you press “play” on the video, simply press the “cc” button

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