Obesity Prevention

Kaphingst, Karen M. “Preventing Chronic Disease.” CDC. 1 Jan. 2009. 13 Oct. 2011. <www.cdc.gov>.

This article discusses using childcare centers as a place to encourage movement and play to help decrease the incidence of obesity. This study wants to do this by changing the state regulations to allow more play for these children so they are not as sedentary during the day.


Maddison, Ralph, and Louise Foley, and Cliona Mhurchu, and Yannan Jiang, and Andrew Jull, and Harry Prapavessis, and Maea Hohpepa, and Anthony Rodgers. “Effects of Video Games on Body Composition: A Randomized Trial.” The Journal of Clinical Nutrition 94 (2011): 156-163.

This article discusses the effectiveness of movement based video games on childhood obesity. The results show that there is a small but significant drop in BMI when those who are obese play movement based games instead of sedentary games.

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