Phases of the Project

Phase 1- Problem Scoping and Investigation-

The highest priority of the problem solving and investigative phase is to identify what kinds of play are most rich in motor experience and useful for motor development, and how this type of active play can be encouraged for pre-school children. This process must also keep in mind the wide range of skills seen with children from ages 3-5, and the need to offer equipment that is neither too challenging for children with lagging and undeveloped skills, nor too boring for children with higher skill levels.

Phase 2- Design and Fabrication
Develop designs for specific types of gross motor play equipment; i.e jumping, crawling, pedaling , climbing, pushing/ pulling, throwing, catching, spinning, swinging. Designs will focus on low-cost, safe and readily available materials and, where possible, low cost construction techniques.

Phase 3- Design Evaluation and Re-design

These prototype designs would be placed in pre-school settings for testing and investigation of children’s response and interest, effectiveness of the design in engaging the desired active play, as well as safety and durability. Ideally, the prototypes would be placed in several centers serving children of different backgrounds to observe differences and similarities in the children’s responses.

Phase 4- Dissemination (Open source designs for public use)

Low cost reproducible designs for equipment would be made available on a website with plans and instructions for construction by community groups using donated labor and materials. Through this dissemination, the designs can be implemented both locally and beyond

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